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Wheatgrass India

Organic / Herbal Wheatgrass

Welcome to the website of Girme's Wheatgrass, India - The No. 1 manufacturer & exporter of Wheatgrass Powder Organic and Natural food supplement / super greens - EU Organic, USDA Organic and JAS Organic certified. Having own Wheat Grass farm and processing unit at Akluj which is 300 Kms south-east of Mumbai in India.

Wheatgrass is Natures Gift to Mankind for maintaining health & wellness. Made from 7 days old whole leaf organic Wheat Grass soil grown all year round at our own farm in Indian tropical climate. Hygienically processed at our HACCP and GMP certified unit. Rich in beneficial nutrients like chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, enzymes & dietary fibre. 

Sometimes Wheat Grass is spelt as Vitgras, Vheatgress, Vitagrass, Whetgrass, whet grass, wheatagrass, etc.

Wheat Grass can be promoted or liked by followers of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic products, Natural Medication, Alternative therapy, Natural Remedy, Raw Food Diet, Food Supplemenmts, Natutral Cures, Natural Medicines, Nature Cure, Wellness Clinics, Herbal medicine, Medicinal plant extract, etc.

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Packing Options

100g bottle of wheatgrass powder
100g / 200g Pouch of wheatgrass powder
3g x 30 sachet pack of wheatgrass powder

Directions for Use



How to Use Wheatgrass Powder?

  • 100g bottle / 30 sachet pack = 30 serving
  • For best results, mix 1 'spoon / sachet' (3g) Wheatgrass Powder in a glass of warm water & drink on an empty stomach.
  • Tastes fresh, like Spinach (vegetable) but a little sweet.
  • Add 1 tsp honey or mix with sweet fruit juice to blend taste.

Safe - for children above 1 year, the elderly, infirm and women during pregnancy, breastfeeding and if trying to conceive.


Business Opportunity:

Trade / dealership enquiries solicited from all countries worldwide.

  • Can start in small quantity of value less than 300 $
  • Exclusivity given for the whole country (T&C apply)
  • Suitable for: start-ups or existing retail, food or health business
  • MOQ: Can start in small quantity at discount rate
  • Shipping: world wide by EMS Speed Post / DHL / FedEx air courier
  • Packing: Pvt Labels / OEM / Bulk (loose) supply available


Available as finished product / Pvt Label / Bulk supply - Trade / Dealership enquiry solicited.
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